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Connellsville Canteen WWII Museum

Featured in our Canteen are stories, memorabilia, and photos of local hero's that fought during WWII.  Come and learn about the sacrifices our service members made during this time period.  Also included are some interesting facts about WWII, including some people that made a difference around the world towards the war efforts.

A few of our WWII displays are now interactive.   If your phone has a QR Code reader you can scan QR Codes attached to some of the photographs and actually hear "In Their Own Words" their story, thanks to Veterans Voices of Pittsburgh.  The names below followed by a VIDEO were interviewed and you can see and hear their stories.

Albine, Robert L. "Bob" (Flying Cross)
Alesantrino, Theodore M.
Alisantrino, Theodore A.
Anderson, Calvin A.
Andyjohn, Art
Archibald, Colin
Bailor, Robert Joseph
Beneke, Eugene 
Bloom, Robert Earl
Canestrale, Pete
Cassidy, Joseph Thomas, Sr.
Fiano, Victor
Flischel, Robert

Kelly, Robert G.
Kessler, James E. (Pete)

Kessler, JAS. E.

Kessler, Warren A.
King, Edward
King, Helen

King, Sheldon

Konetsco, Walter L.

Krause, Fred J.

Krumanacker, Berton P.
Kuroki, Ben
Kurtz, (Jack) John
Lacoboni, Albert

Lawson, Earl Fenton

Leasher, Wilbur D. 
Lewellen, Raymond
Lewellen, Roy
Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin (Bronze Star)
Lindberg, Charles W.

Lint, James F.

Liposky, Andrew P.

Long, Richard Norton
Long, Robert M.

Lowe, Charles E.
Luckey, Frederick J.

Mahokey, James L.

Manges, Robert C.

Marco, Francis De

Marietta, Francis C.
Marlot, Rose Josephine

Marlot, Rozalija
Marshall, George C.

Martin, C. F.

Mathias, Carl

Mathias, John

Matthews, Harold L.
May, Dale
McClintock, Clair (Silver Star)

McCloy, Harold

McCormick, Vane E.
McElhoney, Carl D. (Purple Heart)
McElhoney, John Earnest (WWI)

McGann, Arthur T.
McGinnis, Thomas C.
McKnight, Robert E. Sr.

McLuckey, Robert P.

McNulty, Leo P.
Mendonsa, George

Mickey, Wilbur Ray "Bill"

Miller, Clyde & Harry

Miller, John W.
Miller, Wilbert J.

Milliman, Richard W.

Monaghan, Elizabeth B.

Mongell, Joseph

Mongelluzzo, Anthony S.
Murphy, Vincent R.

Murray, Norman Thomas

Morris, Harvey

Nagy, Paul A. Sr.

Nicholson, Charles E. 

Nicholson, Clarence E.

Nicholson, John F.

Nicholson, William H.

Orlando, Pat

Osler, Ralph

Parrish, Sylvester (Tuskegee Airman)

Patrick, John J.
Peck, Merle

Perrus, Constantine J.

Peterson, Victor E.
Piccolomini, Ronald L.

Pierce, Lysle E.

Pietrzak, Stanley

Pirl, Victor R.

Port, John Y.

Porter, Harry
Porter, Mary Catherine
Porter, William Stacy
Prestia, Michael H.
Prudente, Joseph R.

Quinn, James R.
Quinto, Carl Anthony

Ramsier, Edward
Rosendale, Charles H.
Rowan, Howard Kemp
Swallop, Paul G.
Thompson, Clyde R.
Vona, Anastasia WAVES
Walters, Carl
Wandel, Lewis
Weihe, Charles I.
Welsh, Carroll R.