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2020 Laurel Highlands Ambassador Program Speakers

Please see Canteen Events Page.

The Connellsville Canteen Ladies were exceptional Ambassadors in the area during WWII. They meet every train coming into Connellsville 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They greeted every one with smiles, food and if needed a safe place to sleep for he night. Although the war has been over for many years, people are still coming to our area to enjoy the place that we call home.

Fayette County is very historic and consists of 798 square miles. Promoting Tourism is one of the ways Fayette County can capitalize on getting tourists to come and visit our region. By making each visitor experience extraordinary, heritage destinations and those who directly interact with visitors have the opportunity to profoundly impact a visitor's travel experience and our community's bottom line. Knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly interaction can positively attract a visitor's decision to stay longer, leave singing the praises of their terrific experience, make return visits, and share their good experiences with others - each a critical ingredient for increased and enhanced tourism.

The Connellsville Ambassador Program is a ground breaking program that serves to increase tourism by training and inspiring front-line hospitality employees, volunteers, and residents to work together to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. This program gives participants the opportunity to build upon their knowledge of the local region, enhance their skills in serving customers, increase their awareness of information resources and discover the power of tourism.

Who can benefit from the Ambassador Program?

- City Governments

- Police Departments

-Area Airports

-Attractions & Gaming Places






-Convention Centers & Facilities

-Economic & Workforce Development

Tourists and visitors are coming to the Fayette County area. Some are in search of a quiet vacation spot, some in search of history, and some are in search of outdoor adventures. Whatever their reason for coming, just remember that first impressions are lasting ones. We want those visitors to enjoy their vacation in the area, come back often, and tell their friends back home what a great area this is to visit. 

A good communicator and knowledgeable resident go a long way in bringing those tourist dollars back to our community. Knowledge is the key to success and learning through this Ambassador Program is the one step that you can take to give back to your community in a positive way.

If you would like to be a Ambassador, possess a positive outlook, and have a willingness to learn about the areas rich history and attractions please contact us for the password to success. This self paced course will teach you about the areas history and attractions.

Once we receive your request we will email you the password. Then you can use the link below to view the self paced course.

YES, I want to be an Ambassador!

If you would like to take the self paced course you 

will need the pass code. Please email us at [email protected]

for more information.