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Andy Piter, Jr.

Tec Sergeant 4 - Andy Piter, Jr., 1775th Maintenance and Ordnance Group, 381st Bomb Group, Ridgewell, England (June 23rd, 1943 thru April 23rd, 1945). Killed in the Isle of Man Crash on 23.4.45 and buried in Cambridge on 27.4.45. Body interred in June of 1948 and returned to Rostraver, PA (Olive Branch Cemetery).

Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Auto Equipment 

KIS 23 April 1945 on excursion flight to Ireland. 31 men were picked to go on one-week vacation to Belfast, Ireland. Crashed into 2,000- foot peak on Isle of Man. To 858 AESq