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Thank You Bobbi Kramer for putting this list together... If you know of anyone missing from this list that worked at the Connellsville Canteen during WWII please let us know.


Adams, Mrs. Grace

Albanese, Miss Naomi

Alesantrino, Josephine

Alesantrino, Miss Margaret

Anderson, Mrs. C.W. - (Thursday afternoon group)

Anderson, Mrs. Dora - (Grp. 4, Mondays)

Anderson, Mrs. E.W. - (Thursday afternoon group)

Angle, Mrs. FD Arnold, Harry T. – First Aid Classes

Ash, Eleanor (Sekinger)


Balsley, Mrs. Charles M (Mary) - (Sunday Morning)

Balsley, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth

Balsley, Mrs. Thomas

Bane, Mrs CO

Barasch, Mrs. Samuel

Barnhart, Mrs. Edith

Baron, Mrs. Louis

Barron, Mrs. Samuel

Barry, Miss Helena - (Brownsville Group)

Bates, Mrs.JS

Bell(o), Mary - (Saturday Night Group)

Benson, Mrs. Anna - (Driver’s Corp Health Officer)

Bereiter, Pfc. Margaret - (Color Bearer Driver’s Corp)

Berkey, Miss Kathleen

Berkey, Mrs. Leroy

Bishop, Mrs. Byron K.

Bixler, Miss Myrtle

Bixler, Miss Ruthella

Bloom, Mrs. Vierma - (S. Connellsville Group)

Bosley, Pfc. Nona - (Motor Corp)

Boyd, Mrs. Jennie

Boyd, Mrs. Mary

Bradley, Lt. Veronica - (Driver’s Corp-Zone Leader)

Brady, Mrs. Rose

Braemer, Mrs. SD

Bratton, Mrs.OC

Brendel, Mrs. Edna J

Brennan, Mrs. George K (Gayle), Scottdale

Bridegum, Miss Roma

Brooks, Mrs. Helen

Buffers, Mrs. Francis Pernatozzi

Burhans, Mrs.Mary Ellen – (Group 4)

Buttermore, Beatrice

Buttermore, Eleanor

Buttermore, Frances

Buttermore, Margaret


Callaghan, Mrs. Robert – (Group 7)

Campbell, Kathryn – (Group 4)

Capella, Mrs. Mary - (Driver’s Corp)

Capella, Rose

Caras, Mrs. Ivan B

Carbonaro, Miss Jo

Cavalier, Sgt. Rose

Chamberlain, Mrs. Charles R

Clemmer, Mrs. Lillian – (Group 4)

Clifford, Mrs. Eliard

Cohen, Mrs. Gertrude

Cole, Mrs. Grover – (Group 7)

Collins, Mrs. Earl

Collins, Mrs. Edith – (Group 4)

Collins, Mrs. Frank

Collins, Mrs. John

Collins, Mrs. JW

Collins, Mrs. Verda

Connell, Mrs. James V – (Group Chairman # 3)

Connor, Mrs. MC

Conway, Mildred (Scottdale Group)

Cooper, Mrs. Robert S

Corbin, Mrs. Lavernia – (Color Bearer, Driver’s Corp)

Cordaro, Miss Lucy

Corvin, Mrs. June

Costello, Mrs. Mary

Coughenour, Mrs. Josephine

Cowan, Mrs. MW

Cox, Mrs. SR, (Nettie B)

Craig, Mrs. J

Cree, Mrs. Paul

Creedon, Miss Peg

Creedon, Mrs. Margaret

Cropp, Mrs Agnes – (Group 4)

Crossland, Mrs. Harry

Culver, Mary

Cummings, Mrs. MJ

Cunningham, Mrs. Helen – Group 4

Cunningham, Philomena, (‘Fannie’ Brienza) - C’Ville

Cypher, Mrs. JL


Dahl, Mr. Charles – (Motor Mechanic’s Classes)

Dailey, Virginia (Moon)

Davis, Mrs. Iona

Davis, Mrs. Olive

Davis, Mrs. William G - (Treasurer of Canteen)

Debolt, Mrs. W.E

DeHuff, Mrs. S.M.

DeLozier, Mrs. Verna – ( Group 4)

DeLozier, Mrs.GA

Denvir, Miss Bernadette

DeRemer, Mrs. C.A.

DeRemer, Mrs. Joseph V

Dewey, Mrs. Ralph

Dietrich, Mrs. Marian - (Group 4, Mondays)

Dixon, Mrs. Cecil J – (Group #4 Chairman, Drilling)

Donahey, Miss Jean - (Brownsville Group)

Duggan III, Mrs. John

Duggan, Miss Martha

Dugger, Mrs. Helen

Dull, Mrs. Mildred

Durbin, Mrs. Earl


Earl, Carmine – (Driver’s Corp)

Ebbert, Mrs. Daisy

Ecker, Mrs. JH

Egan, Mrs. George

Egnot, Mrs. Mary

Ehrlich, Mrs. Mary – (Cart Group, Sunday #7 Chairman)

Ehrlick, Mrs. Richard

Ekey, Mrs. C.J. - (Thursday Group)

Ellenberger, Mr. Ray

Ellenberger, Mrs. Ray

Ellis, Leona Smidtke


Fair, (Takac), Mrs. Katherine- (Dunbar Group)

Fenstermacher, Marion M., (Connellsville – Group #4)

Fenstermacher, Mrs. EH – Group #4

Ferguson, Mrs. NE – (Fifth Group Chairman)

Fette, Mrs. Chris

Fisher,m Mrs. SL

Fletcher, Mrs. SL

Fortney, Mrs. CA

Fox, Mrs. Tillie

Fuller, Mrs. Clarence - (Scottdale Group)


Gaal, Mr. John

Gaal, Mrs. John

Galliete, Miss Catherine

Gangawere, Mrs. L.B.

Garlick, Mrs. Ray

George, Mrs. Gladys - (Scottdale Group)

Ghrist, Mr. Warren

Ghrist, Mrs. Frances - (Group 4, Mondays)

Ghrist, Mrs. Hattie

Gilbert, Mrs. JR

Glass, Mrs. Park L

Glover, Mr. LA

Gordon, Mildred

Graham, Mrs. Joseph

Grieve, Mrs. Vella

Grieve, Mrs. William

Griglak, Mrs. Fannie

Grindle, Mrs. Archie

Groh, Tillie

Guerriero, Mrs. Earnest

Guibard, (Long) Sarah

Guthrie, Mrs. George


Haas, Corporal Catherine

Hails, Mrs. Naomi

Hall, Mrs. Arthur – Group 4

Hanlon, Frances – (Saturday Night Group)

Hanlon, Jennie Bell – (Saturday Night Group)

Harrigan, Mrs. Margaret

Hartle, Mrs. A.R

Hartline, Mrs. Frances

Harvey, Opal

Haucke, Gladys

Hay, Mrs. Edward

Henderson, Mrs. Earl

Henry, Mrs. A.E. - (Thursday Afternoon Group)

Henry, Mrs. George

Henry, Mrs. SB

Herwick, Mrs. JC

Herwick, Mrs. Joseph

Hetzel, Mrs Mary

Hetzel, Mrs. Harry

Hetzel, Mrs. Louis

Hickey, Mrs. DW - (Troop Train Chairman)

Hilson, Mrs. W.H.

Hockmuth, Mrs. Anton

Hook, Mrs. James

Hopkins, Mrs. James – (Group #5 Chairman)

Horewitz, Mrs. IL

Hough, Zella - (Scottdale Group)

Hyatt, Louise (Scottdale Group)

Hyatt, Ruth - (Group 4, Mondays)

Hyde, Paul


Isola, Louise


Jacobs, Miss Della

Jacques, Miss Margaret

Jaynes, Mrs. Eva

Johnson, Mrs. Harry

Johnson, Mrs. L Dale

Junk, Miss Eleanor - (Brownsville)


Katona, Mrs. Elizabeth - (South Connellsville)

Keck, Mrs. Pearl

Keister, Mrs. Donald - (Scottdale Group)

Kerns, Mrs. Charles – (4th Group Chairman)

Kerrigan, Miss SaraG – (Group #4)

Keslar, Mrs. LP

Kincell, Lynn B (Publicity)

King, Mrs. Helen – (Group #4)

King, Robert

Kitchen Shift)

Kress, Miss Isabella

Krugar, Mrs. Helen Kerns – (Cart Group #7 Co-Chairman)

Kunkle, Mrs Charles R. - (Canteen Secretary)


Langley, Mrs. C.

Lansberry, Mrs. C.A.

Largent, Mrs. Edna

Leasure, Mrs. Chester

Leffler (Lauffer?), Mrs. J.S. (Jean) - (Scottdale Group)

Leib, Mrs. Joseph

Leiberger, Mrs. Robert M

Leonard, Mrs. A.C.

Leonard, Mrs. Ethel – (Group #4)

Lepley, Mrs. PV

Lewis, Mrs. AF

Lewis, Mrs. Josephine

Logan, Mrs.

Long, Miss Esther – (Group #4)

Long, Mrs. James C., (Emma Jo)

Loughran, Mrs. Edward

Love, Mrs. Charles

Lowery, Mrs. Blanch – (Group #4)

Lowery, Mrs. Gertrude

Lowney, Miss Loretta

Lowrey, Mrs. AL

Lunden, Miss Marie – (Brownsville Group)

Lunnen, Mrs. C.F.

Lunnen, Mrs. Richard

Lyberger, Mrs. A.N. (Thursday Afternoon Group)

Lynn, Rosella Nicewonger - (South Connellsville Group)


Malcom, Mrs. Dora

Marcalla, Amelia

Maricondi, Lavina –(Connellsville)

Maricondi, Mrs. Louis – (6th Group Chairman)

Marietta, Miss Jane

Marietta, Miss Louise

Matthews, Mrs. Ross S

May, Mrs. Joseph

McCarthy, Eleanor – (Troop Train Chairman)

McCartney, Mrs. Ruth Ann – (Group #4)

McClain, Mrs. Genivieve McClain – (Brownsville Group)

McClellan, Mrs. Thomas G.

McCoy, Miss Jean

McDaniel, Mrs. RA

McDowell, Mrs. Marie

McGill, Mrs. Dan

McGivern, Mary Jane (Norton)

McGuiness, Mrs. Flora (Pernatozzi)

McMahon, Mrs. PS – (Donation Committtee Chairman)

McNulty, Thomas

Medcalf, Mrs. Ross

Meidel, Mrs. John – (Group Chairman #4)

Meyers, Mrs. Fern

Meyers, Mrs. Gayland

Mickey, Caroline (Butera) – (Connellsville)

Miller, Miss Gertrude – (Cart Group 7)

Miller, Mrs. Bruce

Miller, Mrs. L

Miller, PFC Mae – (Driver’s Corp)

Mitchell, Miss Martha

Molyneaux, Miss Mary - (Group 4, Mondays)

Momyer, Mrs. Wendell (Marion) – (Scottdale Group)

Mongell, Mrs. Mary

Moore, Mrs. N.R.

Moyers, Mrs. C.J.- (Thursday Afternoon Group)

Mulac, Mrs. Mary – (Vanderbilt)

Murphy, Ruth Fullem – (Connellsville)

Murray, Mrs. Jack

Murray, Mrs. Minnie


Nabors, Mrs. Bryson

Norton, (Long) Mabel


O’Connor, Mrs. M.C

O’Donnel, Mrs. J.V

O’Donnel, Mrs. Ray

Olinger, Corporal Dakota – (Driver’s Corp)


Palladine, Mrs. Katie

Pandolph, Mrs. John - (Vanderbilt)

Patrick, Mrs. John J - (Group Chairman)

Patterson, Mrs. D.J

Pendleton, Mrs. C

Pepperell, Mrs. Margaret (Anthony)

Pernatozzi, Mrs. Nicholas

Phillips, Mrs. E Stanley (Thursday Afternoon Group)

Piasecke, Mrs. Thomas

Pilla, Mrs. Angelo

Pittsmrnt, Jean

Pockstaller, Mrs. N.T

Poiser, Miss Jennie

Pologruto, Catherine

Potthoff, Mrs. A.L (Ruth)

Pottoff, Mrs. Rosalre

Pottoff, Mrs. Ruth

Pratt, Mrs. John (Vanderbilt)

Pringle, Jane - (Vice Pres. Driver’s Corp)

Pritts, Sergeant Betty – (Driver’s Corp)

Prutzman, Miss Martha – (Group 4 Co-Chair)

Pujia, Mrs. Rose

Pullie, Mrs. Mary


Quinto, Mrs. Elizabeth (Palladino)


Randall, Mrs. Edwin

Ranker, PFC June – (Driver’s Corp)

Rankin, Judy – (Driver’s Corp)

Reagan, Mrs. George

Reagan, Mrs. George - (7th Group Chair)

Renner, Mrs. J. Kirk – (Group #1 Chairman)

Renzi, Miss Sue

Reshenberger, Mrs. Effie

Reynolds, Mrs. Ethel

Rich, Mrs. Earl

Richter, Adalee Garlick- (South Connellsville Group)

Richter, Mr. Albert

Richter, Sally

Riley, Ann

Riordan, Josephine Carbonaro

Ritchey, Miss Estelle

Ritchey, Mrs. W.E.- (Thursday Afternoon Group)

Ritenour, Genivieve

Robbins, Mrs. S.L

Roberts, Mrs. Ruth

Roberts, Mrs. Ruth

Robinson, Miss Margaret

Robinson, Mrs. James

Robinson, Mrs. James

Robinson, Mrs. Mildred – (Group #4)

Rock, Mrs. Gloria

Roland, Miss Eleanor

Rose, Mrs. D. Maxwell (Mary) – (Scottdale Group)

Ross, Mrs. Rita Smyth

Rottler, Mr. Andrew – (Rose Brady called him the “man behind the scenes”)

Rottler, Mrs. Martin

Rowe, Pauline (Scottdale Group)

Rudey, Katherine - (Drivers Corp)

Rulli, Louise

Rulli, Miss Carmella

Rush, Josephine

Rush, Mary

Rush, Mrs. Carole

Rush, Mrs. Carroll E – (Group #5 Chairman)


Sandusky, Mrs. Paul

Scarry, Mrs. S.R

Schimiddle, Mrs. J.G

Schmiddle, Mrs. Earl

Schmitt, Emma - ( Driver’s Corp)

Schuller, Miss Emilie – (Group #4)

Schuller, Miss Hilda – (Group #4)

Scott, Miss Bertha - (Brownsville Group)

Sechler, Mrs. H.W

Seisky, Mr. Andrew

Sember, Anna Zeka

Sepp, Mrs. W.E

Shaw, Mrs. Evelyn

Shaw, Mrs. T.R

Sheetz, Mrs. Harry B

Sherwood, Mrs. L.T

Shields, Mrs. Jeffrey - (Jean Elizabeth)

Shipley, Bessie - (South Connellsville Group)

Shoemaker, Mrs. George

Show, Mrs. RG – (Scottdale)

Shriver, Mrs. H.N

Slater, Nancy – (Driver’s Corp)

Smith, Mrs. F.H - (Group 1)

Smith, Mrs. Walter

Smyth, Sgt. Rita – (Driver’s Corp)

Snyder, Candis Witt

Snyder, Mrs. George - (S. Connellsville Group)

Snyder, Mrs. Robert - (S. Connellsville Group)

Sohonage, Mrs. John

Soisson, Mrs. Ambrose - (S. C’Ville)

Soisson, Mrs. Joseph (Mary Welsh) – (Driver’s Corp)

Soliday, Mrs. Delilah

Sperry, Mrs. George

Sperry, Mrs. George – (Group #2 Chairman)

Spishak, Mrs. Mary - (Paul) – (Hunker)

Sporch, Nancy - (Driver’s Corp)

Springer, Mrs. Albert

Stafford, Mrs E.C.

Stefl, Mrs. Charles

Stephenson, Mrs. M.E. (Elsie) - (Brownsville Group)

Stephenson, Mrs. Sallie - (Brownsville Group)

Sternberg, Mrs. Frank

Sterrett, Mrs. J.D

Stoner, Mrs. Rayburn – (Scottdale Group)

Stontamoyer, Mrs. Margaret - (Brownsville Group)


Taylor, Mrs. N

Thorpe, Mrs. C.W

Tressler, Pfc. June - (Drivers Corp – Color Bearer)

Tripoli, Mrs. Francis


Vaughn, Mrs. Russel

Verbosky, Helen - (Cleaning)

Vernave, Mrs. Dan

Vinch, Mrs. Anthony

Voight, Mrs. Gladys


Wagner, Mrs. Edith

Wagner, Mrs. Edith – (Group #4)

Walker, Fran

Walker, Mrs. Paul

Walker, Mrs. Ruthanna – (Group #4)

Weihe, Mrs. Clyde

Whipkey, Annie – (made paper flowers)

White, Mrs. James

White, Mrs. John (S. Connellsville Group)

Widmer, Mrs. Mary

Widmer, Thelma- (Drivers Corp)

Williams, Mrs. LeRoy

Wills, Mrs. Austin

Wills, Mrs. Phillip – (Group #2 Chairman)

Wilson, Mrs. John

Wilson, Mrs. Minnie (Earl)

Wolf, Mrs. James

Worstell, Mrs. Melvin – (Thursday Afternoon Group)


Yaw, Mrs. Clarence

Yezek, Genevene Greer - (South Connellsville Group)

Younkin, Mrs. Glenn


Zawislan, Marian E. (Griglak)

Zimmerman, Evelyn (Murphy)