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We are generating a list of the Connellsville Area School District's war casualties. This project is being completed by Judy Keller. If you have any information on the Connellsville Area School District's War Casualties please let us know. This is what she has so far:

World War I Casualties

Private Grover P. Adams, Connellsville KIA

Private Robert H. Addis, Vanderbilt - KIA

Private Harry Ambrose, Vanderbilt - KIA

Private William H. Ayres, Dunbar - KIA

Private Henry V. Bailey, Connellsville - KIA

Private Roy Bender, Dawson - Died of disease

Sergeant Milton Lafayette Bishop, Connellsville - KIA

Private William J. Boylen, Adelaide - KIA

Private Luther Bryner, Dunbar - KIA

Private Charles Caplan, Connellsville - Died of wounds

Private Elmer S. Coffman, Acme - KIA

Corporal Lloyd FD. Daniels, Connellsville - Died of wounds

Korean War

Private First Class Harry W. Anderson, Dunbar

Private First Class James E. Bierer, Dunbar

Corporal Edward Dunshaw Jr., Connellsville

Corporal Howard Edwin James, MIA, Dunbar

Private First Class Albert Keller, Connellsville

Private First Class Charles Kuhns, Connellsville

Private Harlan A. Leos, Dunbar

Private First Class Raymond Eugene Miller, Indian Head

Corporal Leroy Allen Richter, Normalville

Private First Class Charles Edward Ringer, South Connellsville

Corporal J. Donald Slesky Jr., Bullskin Township

Private First Class Elmer D. Smith, Connellsville

Second Lt. George H. Steward, Connellsville

SPC Jesse Louis Walker, Bullskin Township

Vietnam War

SP4 Francis Ray Addis, Connellsville

Private First Class David Bartock, Connellsville

Corporal Kenneth Brian Kooser, Connellsville

Sergeant James Clyde Kraynak, Connellsville

Staff Sergeant Clyde Keith Nelson, Connellsville

Staff Sergeant Wilbur Eugene Swindell, Connellsville

Airman First Class Michael Edward Widener, Connellsville

SP5 Robert Orme Franklin, Dawson

GSgt Melvin Lewis Rimel, Dawson

Private First Class Lawrence George Eans, Dunbar

Sergeant Earl Duane Barkley, Indian Head

Private First Class William Joseph O'Brien, South Connellsville

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