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Donald M. Davis

Donald M. Davis was born in Fairchance, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was a lifelong member of Georges Township. He was a member of the House of Representatives for the 53rd and 50th districts of Pennsylvania between 1969 to 1976. He also serves as a First Sergeant in the 48th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon, US Army, 1944 - 1946.

Donald was born on June 16th 1915. He was educated in Georges Township Schools and graduated from Georges High School in 1932. He was employed by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company for 10 years before serving for the Infantry Scout Dog Platoon in WWII. This platoon trained dogs for rescuing pilots, carrying messages, and exposing ambushes.

After serving in WWII, he was involved in management for a furniture company for 20 years. He then served as a Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for Fayette and Greene Counties. His son talked about Mr. Davis being re-elected to his district after Governor Shapp redistricted the area.

Donald was well liked by his constituents. While serving in the House of Representatives he served on the Local Government Committee. The Law and Justice Committee where he played a prominent role in drafting the Death Penalty Bill. He was the Chairman of the subcommittee on Municipal Corporations, House of Agriculture - Dairy Committee, Labor Relations Committee and the Mines and Mineral committee.

He resigned from the House of Representatives on February 25, 1976 to take an elected role as the clerk of Courts in Fayette County. Donald passed away at the age of 61 from a lingering illness on October 23, 1976 in Uniontown Hospital.

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