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James L. Mahokey

Air Force

619 Highland Avenue

James L. Mahokey was born in Scottdale and raised in Connellsville. He entered the US Army Air Force in 1942 and following training, was a 2nd Lt. of the Combat Intelligence Officers. His WWII European Theater experience began in the US 8th Air Force in england and took him through 9 countries as an Intelligence Officer, providing Intelligence and Strategic Bombing Survey Intelligence to the Royal Air force and as a liaison officer to the British Navy. During his WWII service, he received the promotion to Captain, was awarded 6 battle stars and received the King Christian Award from the Danish Underground. Following WWII he received promotion to Major and eventually entered the US Air Force Reserve serving on the General Staff at Wright Patterson Air Force Base providing service during the Korean War and Vietnam War. He became a Lt. Col in 1959 and retired from service in 1977 as Col. James L. Mahokey, USAF-Res.

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