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Michael Prestia

Served the 8th Air Force Stationed in Deopham Green, England aboard B-17 Bombers.

452nd Bomb Group Headquarters

730th Squadron

1st Lt. US Army Air Force

Combat Awards:

Good Conduct Medal

Aerial Gunner


European Battle Medal with Silver Star and two Bronze Stars

Air Medal with six Oak Leaf Clusters

WWII Victory Medal

Some Group Missions In Attendance:

Aircraft Date Mission

Frivolous Sal II- January 8, 1945 Communation Center at Waxweiller near Luneback.

Lady Gay- November 26, 1944 Rail Road Marshalling yard at Hamm, Germany.

Laka Saky #185- October 15, 1944 Concrete re-enforcement cover for submarine pens

at Heligoland Island in the North Sea

Our Buddy #972 - August 25, 1944 Target Synthetic Oil Refinery at Politz, near Stettin

- August 30, 1944 Folke Wolfe Aircraft Factory Assembly Plant in the

port city of Bremen, North Germany

- September 9, 1944 Dusseldorf, Germany, The Fabian Chemical

Works and AA Gun Factory

- November 2, 1944 Water Works adjacent to the Synthetic Oil Refinery

in Merseburg, Germany

Richters Raiders #814 February 17, 1945 Frankfurt au Maine, Germany

Sack Time Sioux #660- September 19, 1944 Chemical Plant Weisbaden,Germany

Slightly Dangerous- November 5, 1944 AA gun emplacements at Thionville and the Rail

Road Marshalling Yards at Ludwigshaven, Germany.

- December 24, 1944 The Airfield at Darmstadt, Germany and also

to assist the ground forces counterattack at the Ardenns. "The

Battle of the Bulge".

-January 3, 1945 Fulda, near Strasburg, Germany

-January 5, 1945 Lattarva and Koblenz to the Rail Road Yards of


-January 17, 1945 Mostly over water to the sub pens and works at

Hamburg, Germany.

-January 28, 1945 Rail Road Marshalling Yards at Hohenbudberg,

Germany near Duisberg.

Stork II- October 14, 1944 Five Rail Road Marshaling Yards at Cologne, Germany

(Unknown) #345- August 31, 1944 Tank and Buzz Bomb assembly plant at Mainz, West


(Unknown) #987- September 8, 1944 Mainz Germany

(Unknown) #973- September 17, 1944 Gun emplacements on an airfield at Appledorn

near Arnheim, Belgium

(Unknown) #073- October 24, 1944 Oil Refinery in Hamburg, Germany

(Unknown) #970- October 26, 1944 Parts Manufacturer for Tanks, Trucks Guns and

Aircraft in Hanover, Germany.

(Unknown) #308- November 4, 1944- Coke Works at Neukirken (Neunkirchen) Germany.

Republic of France - Minister of Defense

In recognition of the French effort -

The allied armies engagement in combat in Normandy and the liberation of France 1944 - 1945.

21 February 2007 - Signed by the Secretary of Defense in charge of previous combatants.

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