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SSgt William J. Sohonage

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March 14, 1944 - January 4, 1946

William was born in Dunbar on 20 December 1925

William J. Sohonage lived at 1030 Morrell Avenue in Connellsville.

One aircraft not reported missing, #682, made an emergency landing at a Russian forward base on 22 March 1945 at 1510 hrs. This aircraft went over the primary target on the first run over the target, but left the formation before the second run was made. The aircraft was pulling excessive power and the pilot left the formation with less than 50 gallons of gas in each tank. The bomb load of 10,500 lb, RDX bombs was jettisoned at 1456 hours. This aircraft received major damage from two Russian piloted aircraft, a P-39 and Yak 3, because, as pilots of fighters later informed the crew; the "Y" on the fin of the B-17 looked like a German insignia at a distance. The aircraft was repaired by Russians and the crew returned to base on 26 March 1945. Crew members on board were:

2nd Lt. Arthur K. Forest, P.

2nd Lt. Libero P. Casaccia, CP

2nd Lt. Walter F. Javor, N.

2nd Lt. Louis (NMI) Etter, B.

SSgt Hugh W. Sexton, U/T

Cpl. Willie J. Schonage, L/T

Cpl. Hugh A Stevenson, R/W

SSgt Herbert W. Wendt, L/W

Cpl. Joseph F. Klykamp, T/G

Cpl. Vernon H. Sanders, R/O

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